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You may have noticed the fur around here. What are these?
Fuzzy little creatures? Absolutely! Since 2020, we've been- seeing these bizarre creatures. They're soft, strange,
and definately unique. Each one is handmade by 1-3 artists ATM. Due to the sheer ammount of ravvuls we're finding,
it'd be so helpful if you could take one home for us!

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Located Ravuuls

Fill out the personality quiz, and we'll find you
a Ravuul and formulate a accesory box to your unique tastes.

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Custom bespoke ravuuls

Fill out the personality quiz, and we'll find you
a Ravuul hopefully to your unique tastes.

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Fill out the personality quiz to help determine your ravvul & accesory box inventory.

 Ravvul lore

Located Ravuuls

Ravuul lore
ravuul lore

 TOS, FAQ, and Info

  • Each ravvul is handmade. Please be courteous to your friend.

  • seam, color, shape may be subject to change.
  • The relationship with the creature is unique, closer to friends or a sidekick rather than a pet.
  • Since ravvul is a more natural creation, it's possible it may suffer an injury, you can either accept
  • this as a character, or send us an inquiry to patch up your ravvul and send them back home.
  • We accept USD PAYPAL.
       -No E-checks! Please send invoice, shipping will be attached (*)

    The Custom process begins with: 1-We accept your commission. 2-You send payment to our paypal email, which we will send. 3-We will send you the Ravvul accesory
    box, trackable by invoice shipping number(*).
       -The process may take up to 2 months (60 days) maximum, as a rare case. Please do not be afraid to remind us.
    (unrelated time complications may occur, please contact us and allow 2 weeks if you require refund)

    For inquiries, questions and answers, Please DM: @rabbitpet2 On Twitter.

    All rights reserved- @Rabbitpet2 & Apexdriad