Matryoshka, humble cottage vampire marsian,
tender of vectorah orchard.
Instead of blood, he lives off carrion.
(named by mazkaa, who compares his cooking style to a stacking doll... yack!)

Personality: at a glance intimidating or
slightly stately. he's knowledgable and kind!- but also stern and quite quiet. has a soft spot for
odd looking things, he collects objects
with strange faces.

In the solitude of mars plains, matryoshka, his wild neighbor, and unexpected guest, often hang out together on watch of something eyecatching on the rusty-dusty planet. Matryoshka often spends his aloneness reading random material, cooking, and taking care of plants- He's easily boring busy!

fairytale: vampire
Cannot go outside during certain moons and
direct radiation. he becomes wiggly and nauseous
Can turn into a bat(Only when hes scared..)
Hair is like vine, rarely moving tho...

attribute: Mirage
able to visually impose the color and texture
of thought/memory as if a hallucination, to another being.
(Matryoshka is not fond of using his ability)

                            Matryoshka's referance

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