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2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
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Welcome to my design page!

Thanks for visiting!
I offer a variety of designs available for purchase, as well as customs!-
I hope you can find what you are looking for, if needed I'll do my best to help! ^ - ^
 Status: CLOSED  
The status are:
Open:  (available for request),  
Closed:  (Getting ready, unavailable) 

 I often draw: 

Animal characteristic/humanoid-High detail characters, nekomimi, anime, fashion,
aliens/creatures, Colorful and cute subjects, complex/intricate or bizarre features and textures. I love to draw
unusual & interesting shoes, work with filter combinations and color manipulation, create characters with vivid expressions

 Updated sporadically~!Come back soon! 


I also do experimentally: Drawings of pets, fashion related, abstract or scenery backgrounds,
photo referance*, perspective, architcture, anything not listed you can ask about!
(*So long as you have permission from photo owner)

 I will not draw: 

Real people, hyperealism, Hate in any form(lgbt/Phobia s, r*ascism, A*ntisemitism, n*azi
related/f*ascism, ect...) Sensitive topics (Political related, War-related(UNIFORM, SYMBOLISM),
- or s*uicide related.) IRL r*eligious/IRL cult elements,(quotes, religious scenes) Referances to IRL

2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
5~Purchase 6~FAQ



Terms Of Service

By buying from me, or owning a character
created by me, You automatically agree to this.
Violating these rules may/will result in you being
Banned or penalized from my art service.

  1. I retain all rights to my creations. This means that i can:
      Post, display, promote my created works.
      Revoke design ownership if you break my adopt rules*
      *Adopt rules: General TOS, Do not sell combined designs, create species out of my works ect.
        - * You may sell characters you've purchased from me, but only at the price they were purchased for.
        (Unless there's at least 5 separate art pieces attached to character)
        Inspiration from my works is allowed; do not take from my characters or trace. (Please draw colorful rabbit alien people~!!!)
        do not alter or edit my work. Non commercial, personal, extreme-abstraction/vague inspiration is fine.(Keep it to you; It's only your work on anothers.)
        Self-revoke rule: I do not tolerate abusive persons. If I am receiving various complaints compiled proof of a adopt owner or commissioner,
        OR you are publicly considered criminal(by USAlaw)OR outwardly heinous & immoral, the customer will be on no-service list.
        (IN referance to C*P, na*zi, hate speech, bullying- et cetera.)
      I reserve right to deny any adopt request.
    1. DO NOT trace, edit/alter, referance, or redistribute/repost my work.
        - DO NOT Reproduce/redistribute or use my artwork commercially. (Meaning making profit off of it in any form)
        DO NOT Take credit for the creation for my artwork.
        DO NOT Remove any watermarks/signatures.
    2. I will do my best, But if anything minor is not up to your standard or you want a easy fix, You can ask me to do it!
    3. If you have purchased an adopt and wish to print it, you may do so
      for personal use only and should not be given to anyone else, sold, redistributed, or displayed publicly.
    4. I accept USD PAYPAL only.
        - (Other processes, such as art trade if you're serious, can be arranged within reason.)
        - DO NOT SEND ME E-CHECKS. Please send money via familya ndfriends(USA USERS) Or by balance transfer.
    5. The process begins with: 1-I accept your request. 2-You pay full upfront. 3-I will send you renders of the character-adopt.
        - The process may take up to a a few days or so, as a rare case. Please do not be afraid to remind me. If i go out of this limit; please know, this is my not my intention and i will generally process as soon as i can! (unrelated complications can occur)

        - I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your adopt, if the payment has not been processed.(only in fscs processes)
        I cannot do refunds after the payment is sent.
        - If you file a chargeback against me, or refund without contacting me first- your right to everything I have made for you will be retracted, and I have the
        right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
        - You will forbidden to ever buy or commission me.
        - if neccesary, user will be on no-service list.
      1. Please treat me with respect when you initiate conversation, or are purchasing/commissioning. If you're disrespectful, i will not waste time on you.
        YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ THE TOS if you are trading designs by me, commissioning me, ect.

      Last updated: 11/25/2020
      All written information is
      subject to revision at anytime.

      Few sections are copied from this template.

2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
5~Purchase 6~FAQ
 Send me some themes and ideas
and i'll try it possibly!! 

 3~Adoptable Designs 

Design selection

 Designs for sale 

 1- NAME 


 2- NAME 


 3- Name 


If you're not sure if you like design or want some things altered,
DM me and we can work it out. Understand rendering will end up different as well, and there are some changes i cannot do.





 6- name 


 7- NAME 

Experimental roulette, any style!

 8- NAME 


 9- NAME 


Styles on the chart are subject to change and updates in the future.

Last updated: 11/25/2020

2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
5~Purchase 6~FAQ

 Fill out for custom designs! 

4~Custom form

Custom form Example

Theme (goth, emo, scene, decora- Or aesthetic, inspiration description, photo..ect)
Body: (Specify what kind of build you would like, any body details such as hairstyle, moles, freckles, patterns, skin tones, whiskers ECT.
I only do very small facial hair; little goatee or dots!)
Fashion: (Favoring certain clothing styles, High boots, certain gloves, glasses, baggy clothing ect...)
Species: (I'll do any species, it will become humanoid-like. Some animals, like earthworms,
clams, sea turtles, will result less similar to their counterparts.)
Expression: (How you want the character to appear- grumpy, silly, oblivious, serious, shy smile, smirk, suspicious, fancy..ect)
Colors: (If you prefer certain colors, or a palette/scheme. Send me an image or describe the tones; If you write it down,
I depict shades by my knowledge if listed this way.(I also do painting, and am familiar with color naming)
Detail: (jewelery, emblem[hearts, tears, triangles ect], ahoge, nails, nose shape, ear fluff ect)
Notes?:(anything else you want to mention! Background Y/N?)

Fill out form:


If you're not sure what exactly you want, You can leave out some details; but remember, if you want
something specific, it's better you describe it. Information helps me!

2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
5~Purchase 6~FAQ


Sending in your design purchase or custom request

  • 1 Let's talk coherent as possible!
    If you are having trouble, I can help!
  • 2 Make sure you are and will be following my TOS.
  • 3 Please be considerate. Know I am one person.
  • 4 Your account must be at least 3 months old-
    -With posts. Id prefer you'd message me on your main account!
  • 5 You can check my FAQ before asking
    questions, you may find your answer there first!

  • Where to send your request:

    Twitter DM: @rabbitpet2


    Send payment when I accept your commission; I'll start when it is received!

    2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
    5~Purchase 6~FAQ


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about commissions?
    1. I'm not taking commissions right now, I dont know when.
  • Is Custom designs open?
    1. To see if it's open or not, check the Introduction for the status.
      The status are:  Open:(available for request),  Closed:(Getting ready, unavailable)
      I'm not sure how to take
      invisible holds or personaly notify everyone atm... I apologize!
  • What drawing program do you use?
    1. I use Azpainter2 and Firealpaca, and often (for animations)
  • How do you make the grainy textures in your art?
    1. Azpainter's filters selection is very good and I reccommend checking it out, if it does not work for you; there are other filter websites, apps, programs available, such as Lunapic, micosoft image composer, chibipaint, firealpaca, gimp, ect!
  • Previous names?
      older names I've had: 2010tamala, nyako
      Currently I am "Niyu"
  • Drawing tablet?
      I use a windows surface 2!
      Traditionally I prefer mechanical pencil, color pencil, and polymer clay-acrylic & paint
  • Animation method?
      Usually i use Firealpaca,, > Others include: glitterphoto, lunapic
  • Tattoo?
      No (tattoos are cool. Note: Most of my art is My personal artwork of my
      characters, or drawings of characters owned by other people, commissioned or not.)
  • Art requests?
      Currently my artwork is how i get money, understand it will not be often.
      Sometimes on my artwork twitter
  • "how2draw?"
      I dont beleieve theres any way 2 draw, I think its special seeing a personalized style(As you change and go along)
      In order to speed up the efficiency of production of drawing and me making discoveries how i can draw, here's what i'd say i guess!
      Draw lots of things, be kind on yourself when you are frusterated..
      Familiarize yourself with how drawn shapes change under certain conditions- repetition without judgement? Keep on sketching!
      I think that switching between drawing mediums like pencil on paper to an art program, seems to flex my memory and the shapes become easier ^ -^
  • See a reselling adopt of mine for a price higher than 60$?
      There is a number of adopts valued higher than 60$. However, beware that: Characters cannot be
      sold higher than original purchase, unless character has many BOUGHT drawings, adding to it's "value".

      My character design should never become "profitable" or high-resale fodder value, as i only create
      the character to be bought as wanted, and generally to pay my personal, own obligations/expenses. (This is Only simple transaction.) ^_^
      Anyone should have a chance to have my designs, Monopoly sale is forbidden. There
      will be more designs in the future!

  • Feel free to ask any questions that aren't answered here, or suggest more!

    2~TOS 3~Design 4~Custom &
    5~Purchase 6~FAQ

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